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Have you ever been barefoot in the rain? Well if you haven't it is the most amazing feeling. Its okay to let the mud ooze between your toes cause the cold rain will just wash it away. The rain is my favorite weather. I love how it smells, feels, sounds, tastes, and looks.

I like to close my eyes and feel every little rain drop hit down on the top of my head. I like to take a deep breath and smell the nature float in the air all around me. It's so relaxing to hear the ticking sound of the rain as it hits the floor, it's beautiful. When I open my eyes I see the worlds natural beauty. Everything looks darker and more defined. My car looks cleaner and a brighter red. The grass looks greener and not so faded. The dirt looks browner and not so dry. My skin feels softer and refreshed.

I sometimes like to look up at the bright but still dark grey clouds and hold my tounge out. It feels funny with little pecks of cold rain hitting my hot dry toounge. I like to think of it as kisses from the rain. The rain tastes like nothing much really, just water thats been left out at room temperature. it has no flavor but that doesnt matter.

The rain always puts me in a relaxed mood. It's soothing to hear the rain make music against everything it touches. Ticking, tapping and thumping against my house and all it's windows and doors. After the rain decides to pack up it's drops and move to a different town, I'm left with a humid atmosphere. That's when I decide to head back inside and take a warm fresh shower. I dont like to stay out when the rain is gone, it's to humid. If you ever felt humid weather its not pretty. it makes my body feel sticky and gross. It also makes my beautiful soft brown hair frizz up like a black persons afro. During the rainy weather is the best, but the after rain is not so great.
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