Heart Rate Experiment

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Heart Rate Experiment

The heart rate measures the contractions of your heart and is a requirement for life. The heart uses four chambers. The right and left-lower chambers are called ventricles, and right and left-upper chambers are called atria. These four chambers complete two cycles that replenish the tissues with oxygen and get oxygen from our lungs. The heart rate is measured in beats/ minute and a “beat” is when the lower chambers are (two ventricles) contract. This process pushes the blood into high pressure arteries to the low pressure veins. Heart rate is most easily measured by counting the pulse of the blood in artery vein in your neck. Motivation/Purpose:

It is good to measure heart rate constantly. People are constantly developing heart conditions that aren’t known until it’s too late. Asthma is constantly being developed. People are attacked by it every day and they don’t even know the cause of it. Heart attacks from being overweight are being treated after the fact or it may be too late. This experiment is being conducted to see the diversity in heart rates in the class. It may even prevent some illnesses in the future. Experimental Design and Procedure:

For this experiment we needed:
1. Hearts
2. Stairs
3. Participants
4. Heart monitors
5. Clocks
6. Medical backgrounds
First each person walked in each group walked up the steps. Then another person measured how long it took us. Then they kept note of it. Then we each measured our heart rate in 5 min. increments in a total of 15min. using a heart monitor. Method of analysis:

We used a time chart to keep note of our heart rate calming down. Results:
It seem like everyone in the class heart rate took the same amount of time to get back to normal speed. The reoccurring number 65 heart beats a minute.
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