Healthy but Not Vegetarian

Topics: Nutrition, Vegetarianism, Veganism Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Linh Tran
Prof. Karina
WRIT 111 – M01
Essay 4, Rough Draft 1
Healthy but not Vegetarian
Nowadays, being a vegetarian or not is a big controversy topic in the world. In this essay, my position is support people for not being a vegetarian. Based on my experience and knowledge about the pros of not being a vegetarian and cons of being a vegetarian, I hope I can persuade you that vegetarian diet is not a better choice. By choosing a meat-based lifestyle, you will live longer because it is better for your health and also the world. Besides, one of the hardest problems of being a vegetarian is changing the lifestyle and not makes it harder for people around.

First of all, vegetarian diet is not a better choice than meat-based diet because it can be bad for your health. I tried one time to go for a vegetarian diet for a week and I realized so many things happen to my health. I immediately notice that I feel so much weaker and lazier when I stop eating meat. It is understandable because those feelings are a signs of your body not having enough nutrients that you used to have. There are some of the nutrients that are simply not adequately represented in a vegetarian diet such as proteins and vitamin B12. You will be able to find proteins in vegetables, milk or eggs but it will not be enough. Although it is possible to not eating meat but sill have protein, the protein in vegetables and meat doesn’t have the same amino acid structure. In order to get maximum benefit of amino acids, we need to have it in the way that is close to the construction for muscle and other tissue. It takes a lot of effort for our body to convert proteins from plant to human so by the time our body gets it, the result will be less affective. Also, my skin at that time looks duller and less healthy. A lot of people believe that eating vegetarian diet will help you lose weight but actually vegetarians will eat food that have more carbs to fill the lost of protein. It means that you will...
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