Healthcare Reimbursement

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November 21, 2011

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Healthcare Reimbursement
Medical coding is an important process, in which descriptive information (patient medical records) is reviewed, and assigned detailed numeric, or alphanumeric diagnosis, and procedure codes’, for the purpose of reimbursing hospitals’, or physicians’ offices’, for services’ rendered (, 1999-2001;, 2011). These codes are then translated into payment amounts, to be submitted to insurance companies’, for compensation (, 1999-2001). The hospitals’ and physicians’ rely on “complete coding accuracy”, or codes without “any” errors, or inadequacies (clean claims), to be submitted to insurance companies in a suitable time, in order to be processed, and reimbursed for services’ performed (, 2001-2011). The more detailed information the coder provides, the more accurate the billing and coding will be (, 2001-2011). Accurate coding is beneficial to the financial business end of hospitals’, and physicians’ offices’ because, if the coding is not correct, insurance companies will not pay the costs for the claims’ (, 1999-2001;, 2011). Therefore, this can result in thousands of dollars’ in loss revenue for medical organizations’.

To date, there are no “National” standards to really determine medical coding productivity (, 1999-2001). Coding productivity is determined by each individual medical organization, establishing their own “principles of productivity”, based on record categories, such as “inpatient or outpatient status (, 1999-2001). According to the HCPro survey (1999-2001), twenty-nine per cent of facilities used a “three records coded per hour” system, as a “benchmark” (standard), for coding inpatient records’ (, 1999-2001). Furthermore, the...

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