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1. There are several differences when it comes to outpatient and inpatient coding. To begin with outpatient coding is much less complicated than inpatient coding. When outpatient the first listed diagnostic code indicates the reason for the encounter. As where with inpatient coding the coders have to be very attentive in order to correctly code the reason for the principal diagnosis, because it is crucial for the MS-DRG formula. Next the outpatient coding is limited to a stay length of less than 24 hours, where as inpatient services are longer due to the intensity of service(s). When it comes to outpatient services, physicians are paid using CPT/HCPCS codes. Where as inpatient/hospitals are paid using a complex formula (MS-DRG), because of housing, feeding, and nursing the patient back to health. During an inpatient stay the hospital charges for the amount of time and effort spent on nursing a patient back to health. So when it comes to an operation on an elderly person, a complicated birth or even replacing an old pacemaker, the hospital will charge based on the severity of the patient’s illness. That is why inpatient coding requires daily coding of each service on each day of hospitalization, as for outpatient coding, the first listed diagnostic code indicates the reason for the encounter. 2. CPT Code: 21931 ICD-9 code: 239.2

3. Global coding for obstertics is for the services and supplies needed for the antepartum period, delivery, and postpartum period of a normal pregnancy. The antepartum period of pregnancy is the time of pregnancy from conception to the onset of delivery. Antepartum care includes initial and subsequent history, all physical examinations, blood pressure recording, weight, fetal heart tones, routine urinalysis and monthly visits up to 28 weeks gestation. Also included in antepartum care is biweekly visits...
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