Healthcare Reform

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Student Name: Shaun Damron
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Health Care Reform
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Inform on the changes of health care
I.I’m here to educate you about the changes to the state of healthcare today.
II.Health care is something that will affect us all and we need to know what is going to happen.
III.I have been a licensed life and health agent since 2008.

Thesis Statement
Today I would like to educate you about healthcare reform.
1.2010 children age 26 and younger will remain covered under parents plans 2.Insurance companies will be banned from excluding coverage for pre-existing conditions for children. 3.Adults with pre-existing conditions will be eligible for coverage in high risk pool until exchange is established 4.Some preventative services covered with no out of pocket cost 5.Tax credit for businesses with less than 50 employed up to 35% of premiums B.Present

1.2011 improving quality and lowering costs/prescription drug discounts for seniors when buying Medicare part D 2.Increasing access for at home services; strengthen community health centers 3.Holding insurance companies accountable by bringing down health care premiums 4.Addressing overpayments to big insurance companies.

5.Start planning process of forming the exchange for public use in 2014 C.Future
1.2012 encouraging integrated health systems/reducing paperwork and administrative costs to cut down on the rising cost of health care; centralized system 2.2014 health care becomes mandatory to carry; eliminating annual limits on insurance coverage 3.Establishing health insurance exchanges

4.2015 paying physicians based on value not volume
5.(Not Yet Provided)

Transition: in 2014 when the health care bill...

Cited: 1. Bernard, Tara Siegel "For Consumers, Clarity on Health Care Changes” New York Times Published: March 21, 2010
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