Healthcare Advances

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Health Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: January 28, 2011
Advances in medical care technology and diagnostic technology impacts patients, individual providers, healthcare organizations, and insurers in different ways. Patients benefit from medical and diagnostic technology because they have better cure rates from many illnesses due to better medical equipment and new innovative testing. Physicians and healthcare organizations that have access to new innovative technology and testing will benefit financially due to increased patient loads and demand for services. Many insurers will require pre-approval for new tests and require patients to pay out-of-pocket when receiving care. New technology is costly and increases demand for secondary insurances. Changes in the U.S. demographics such as adult population increases affect patients and society as a whole. “Community life creates the need to control the transmission of communicable diseases, maintain a sanitary environment, provide safe water and food, and sustain disabled and low-income populations.” (Sultz & Young, 2011). We are responsible for all “public health” issues. Providers are responsible for providing efficient and effective treatment for patients. The healthcare industry has to reform in order to compensate changing demographics. They are responsible for ensuring that every citizen receives quality health care that is cost-effective and easily accessed. The insurance agencies are impacted by changing demographics when there is an increase in population and more people require coverage for medical services, or require a secondary insurance as a supplemental coverage. Specialists and subspecialists provide specific treatment for patients with certain illnesses. Having specialists for different areas of healthcare allows patients to have better quality care. Many physicians are studying to become specialists because they will have a higher rate of pay and job security. However, “the emphasis on medical diagnosis and treatment by combinations of...
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