Health Sector Analysis

Topics: Asthma, Community, Medicine Pages: 1 (433 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Analysis of Health Sector
Every barangay in Dumaguete City has their own health sector responsible for the health of the community people in promoting optimum health and preventing the occurrence of diseases. The Scandinavian Housing Project situated in Purok Orchids, Candau-ay Dumaguete City has their own health sector, the barangay health center of Candau-ay that should cater the health of all the different puroks in Candau-ay. Unfortunately within 4 weeks of community health nursing duty in Scandinavian Housing Project with our thorough assessment, we have found out that their health sector is not working effectively as it should be in maintaining and promoting optimum health of the community. With our assessment we have determined that there is a lot of people in the community with health problems and the number of cases is quite alarming. There are 24 cases of cough and colds, 4 asthma cases, 8 hypertension cases and 1 heart problem case reported. With these reported cases, we have endorsed it to the Barangay Health Center hoping that they will take some action, but our duty is about to end but then we haven’t seen any action from them. Knowing that there is a case of heart problem in Scandinavian Housing Project, we hope to see any member of the health sector to do some home visits to supervise the said client but then no one shows. During our assessment also, we have asked the residents of Scandinavian housing Project if they have any idea what are the health services available in their Health Center or if they have known that there is a free consultation every Thursday but unfortunately they have no idea at all so there is a problem with information dissemination with regards to available health services for the community. Scandinavian Housing Project being situated beside the dump site is very prone and at high risk of health problem specifically respiratory illnesses. With these, the health sector must conduct regular check up for the community people...
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