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Health Proposal

By Julius-Salomon Nov 01, 2014 404 Words
Proposed Title :You Want To Leave Early ? Then Do What Is Right Objectives:1. After this project is implemented, the people in the community of Blumintritt and Del Carmen will be safe from different types of disease and flues. 2. We expect that theirs no dirty surroundings in in our community and maintain the cleanliness and orderliness. 3.We expect that this project will be benefit the present and future community people. Rationale:Rules or Policies:

When the garbage truck comes you should put your garbage outside of your house. You should serrate before putting your garbage outside in your home. Don`t throw your garbages to your neighbourhood yards.

People in our barangay are responding attentively to the rulers of our barangay like throwing the trash in trash bin when they see a garbage. This needed to implement our project to be able to neat and clean our surroundings in our barangay and to save from disease that cause of dirty environment. Target Participants:The person and groups involved in this project are group of teenagers, children and adults in the barangay of Blumintritt and Del Carmen. Date of Implementation:This project will implemented after the approval of this project. Resources Needed:The resources needed are cleaning materials, trash bins ( big and small), suits & footwear, gloves and alcohols. Implementation Plan:1. Study the existing policies in our barangay/community on waste management. 2. Analyse the existing rules

3. Conduct a meeting with barangay officials on waste management a. What`s their advice and tips to make the project best ?
b. What are disadvantages and advantages of this project ?
c. What are the benefits to our planet ?
4. Ask for volunteer to help us for this project.
a. Invite through social network like Facebook, twitter, tumblr and etc. 5. Set the on how to make the project proposal.
6. Implement the project
a. Content of the projects
b. What does it look like ?
c. What are the materials to make it ?
6. Interview a member or a family or bystander in our community if the project is effective and going on to make the objectives. a. Are barangay officials doing their work ?
b. Are barangay officials doing their best ?
7. Give contest that can make the community clean.
a. Conduct contest that who is the most neat & clean.
8, Give bonus or prize if a group won.
Presented by:
Julius Salomon & Kissen Reyes
LG 9429

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