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At Parker Memorial Hospital we strongly believe in carrying out our mission and values statements. According to Buchbinder and Shanks (2007), the mission of an organization is the enduring statement of purpose and identifies what the organization does, whom it serves and how it does it. And the value statement, To be the recognized healthcare provider and employer of choice, helps define the organization’s culture. We believe that Parker Memorial Hospital, the nation's first hospital, has a responsibility to: Ensure access to superior quality integrated health care for our community and expand access for underserved populations within the community. Create a supportive team environment for patients, employees, and clinical staff. Foster learning and growth through comprehensive academic and educational relationships. Exhibit stewardship and creativity in the management of all available resources there are many issues facing health care organizations. The issues have affected health care in the country negatively. Quality of care has become a major issue in the country. This is because dying patients and other patients do not get the right care when seeking medical attention. The health care sector is made up of private and public sector according to the textbook (Niles, 2011 ). The public and private sector provide medical services to dying patients and other patients. Most people argue that the public sector does not provide quality services to patients. This is because of public hospitals relying on government funds to provide medical services. This has forced many people to seek medical services from private hospitals. After reviewing the U.S. department of census bureau, 49.9 million people in 2010 were not able to afford medical services from the private hospitals (unknown, 2011). This is due to increase in medical costs and lack of insurance. Private hospitals charge high prices for medical services as they offer customized services. Many citizens do not have health insurance and this makes it hard to get health care services from the

private hospitals. Researchers argue that private hospitals are profit oriented and they may not provide quality medical services to patients (Moss & Dobson, 2006). This affects the quality of care offered to the patients. Our intent is to analyze how quality of care is affected by organizational culture, structure, governance and social responsibility. Health care organizations, like other organizations, are affected by organizational culture and structure. The organizational culture and structure can affect the quality of care in the organizations negatively or positively. In addition, the quality of care is also affected by organizational governance and social responsibility. Organizational culture refers to the beliefs, values and attitudes of an organization (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2007). It is also defined as the collection of norms and values shared by employees in the organization. The values and beliefs shared by the employees control how they relate with each other and stakeholders who are outside the organization. Organizational culture is common in health care organizations (Moss & Dobson, 2006). The health care organizations have a set of beliefs, values and attitudes which employees share. Organizational culture affects organizational performance like organizational effectiveness. Poor organizational culture makes it difficult for health care organizations to work effectively as evidence by its definition. This in turn makes it difficult to provide quality care. Organizations having poor or weak culture affect the performance of the employees in the organization. Poor organizational culture leads to poor working conditions for all the employees in the organization. The poor organizational culture leads to stress and lower quality patient care. Doctors and nurses perform poorly in adverse working conditions. This leads to poor...
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