Health, lifespan and economic growth: Why some countries are rich while others poor?

Topics: Economics, Economic growth, Household income in the United States Pages: 4 (1006 words) Published: April 17, 2014
Health, lifespan and economic growth: Why some countries are rich while others poor?

Health, lifespan and economic growth:
Why some countries are rich while others poor?

Motivation for the research
With the rapid economic growth, it seems that people become better off. However, according to global economy trend and current circumstances the gap between the rich and the poor is larger and large, which leads to unequal distribution of wealth and resources. Now we are going to do a research to find out if there are any factors affecting the relationship among economic growth, the rich and the poor. However Charles and Kenneth (2000) argue that there is a potential problem of additional variable that is the level of health of a country’s citizens which would affect their economic behavior in many important aspects. Therefore, we try to focus on one of these – the effect of health based on the expected lifespan. Suppose one individual lives for a longer period of time, he or she will spend more time on contributing to social development, which may also bring positive effect on economic growth according to Charles and Kenneth (2000). We select a journal paper written by Seth (2002), he studies the relationship between economic growth and poverty. From the tables and equations, we can know that this research uses regression model and OLS method. According to his econometric model, he gets the result that growth in the incomes of the rich reduces the effects of poverty proportionally more than the case for increases in the incomes of the poor. In addition, economic growth clearly reduces poverty. From our research work, we find that there are number of studies that look at the effects of geographic variables on income level. Besides Seth (2002), Douglas, Hibbs and Ola Olsson analyze the geography and biogeography factors affecting economic growth, they conclude that those...
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