Health Level 7

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Health Level 7

For my presentation I chose the topic HL7. After doing the bit of research on the internet I found what HL7 was? The question that I will address is what does the name HL7 means, and why and how it was organized.

What is HL7?
Health Level Seven is one of the several American National Standards Institutes (ANSI) to give credit for standards Developing Organizations (SDOS) operating in the healthcare place. Health Level Seven controls in clinical and administrative data. The mission of HL7 is “To provide standards for the exchange, management and integration of data that support clinical patient care and the management, delivery and evaluation of healthcare services. Specifically, to create flexible, cost effective approaches, standards, guidelines, methodologies, and related services for interoperability between healthcare information systems.” Health Level Seven is not a profit organization. Their develop standards for its members providers, vendors, payers, consultants, government groups who has in clinical and administration standards for health care. Members in working group in Health Level Seven in which organized into two groups. Technical committees and special interest groups. In HL7 published standards special interest groups serve test bed for exploring new areas and technical committees are directly responsible for the content standards.

The name HL7 means models for Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) the application level. Level Seven uses the highest level of the International organization for standardization. Definition of application level direct to the data to be exchanged, the timing of interchange, and communication of errors to the application. Seventh level support security checks, participant identification availability checks, exchange mechanism negotiations and most importantly data exchange.

Why HL7?
Many hospitals are currently trying to establish standard health care systems. Why shall they surround HL7? Hl7 focuses on the requirements on the entire health care organization while other health care systems focus on a particular department. The group addresses the unique requirements of already installed hospital and departmental systems. HL7 develops a set of protocols on the fastest track both responsive and responsible to its members.

HL7 is not only located in the United States, it is located throughout the world. Argentina, Australia, Southern Africa, United Kingdom, India, Turkey, Korea, Germany, Taiwan, are just some of the countries following the HL7 standards. HL7 also makes important contributions to the quality of the organization. HL7 is an American National Standard Institute approved by Standards Developing Organization. It supports each of its membership users, vendors, and consultants.

How is HL7 organized?
The board of directors is managed by organization, which include eight elected positions and three appointed positions. The organization includes Technical Committees and Special Interest Groups that are responsible for basic quality for the HL7 standard protocol. The Board of directors make final decisions. HL7 members are encouraged to participate in all these committees.

What is the need for HL7?
The Need for HL7 Health care centers doctors hospital around world require to send and receive health care data including patient information and various lab reports. On daily basis health care information are exchange vast amounts. Thus this information must be in standardized plan for the organization and arrangement of specified production the data is universal to achieve this all healthcare must be sent in specialized healthcare language. The language has been developed is HL7. Hl7 was formed in the United States in 1987. It can be easily understood by all. Health level seven consists of grammar that is standardized so that clinical data can be shared amongst all healthcare system . Hl7 has the goal of developing an international...

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