Health Insurance

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Health Care Problem
Jacqueline Brux in her book, Economic Issues & Policy, states that “There is still 15 percentage of Americans who are currently without any form of health insurance today” (Brux 191). In Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser talks about different employees’ health care benefits and the variance between health insurance companies. Due to the limitation of the economy, fewer people are able to get health care insurance. Different states also have different policies to take care of their citizens. When some people feel sick, they must bear the most cost for their care. Fortunately, several years ago, many people have supported the idea of Universal Insurance. However, the US government has not implemented the Universal Insurance plan up to now. Why is it so hard to implement the plan? And who should pay for it ultimately? In my research paper, I want to talk about the achievement about Health Care in the United States. I also want to talk about the obstruction that America government meeting. For me, I support Universal Insurance. Before 1920, doctors at that time did not know much about diseases. Many diseases could not be cured by doctors. Therefore, at the very beginning, doctors did not charge very much. “When doctors began learning more about diseases and effective treatments, they started charging more - more than most people could afford. They also needed to treat people in hospitals to take advantage of new medical technology, which further added to the costs. Couple that with the start of the Great Depression, and the situation was even worse” (Web, “How did Healthcare”). To help solve the health care problem, one of the hospitals in the United States created a system, which was used to help people pay their hospital bills. The hospital eventually became Blue Cross. However, as science, medicine, and hospitals grew more sophisticated and more successful, more people turned to hospitals and doctors for care - and costs continued to rise. Everyone has chances to be sick. Without outside help, it would become a big bill for sick people who wanted to be treated in hospitals. Recently, the US federal government passed a law about Health Care. Gradually, more and more people in the United States got their own Health Care Insurance. In the twenty-first century, Health Care is a hot issue in our society. President Obama especially focused on the Health Care Problem during his time in office. However, it seems that the US federal government meets a lot of impediment to realize Universal Insurance. “According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, healthcare is broadly defined and includes any care, service, or supply related to the mental or physical health of an individual. It is also defined as the treatment, management and prevention of illness and the preservation of the physical and mental well-being of a person with the help of medical and allied health professionals. It includes Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security” (Web, What is Healthcare) I think it is a complete definition for health care. From the definition, it indicates that health care plans help people pay for medical care. In my opinion, everyone should have their own Health Care Insurance. No matter what difficulties or disagreements between lawmakers and leaders in government, they have a responsibility to make sure each one has health care. For everyone has the same right to live in the world with a healthy body. They should be able to go to a hospital when they are ill. And Universal Insurance should become true in the end. Hopefully, the US federal government tries to realize Universal Insurance. The following statistics speak for themselves. “The total health care expenditures in the United States are projected at $2,555 billion in 2009. This is a whopping 9,025 percent increase over the almost fifty years shown in the table, or an average of 181 percent per year since 1960” (Brux 184). The number is...

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