health inequalities in ireland

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Issues arising

Wiley (2005) on NTPF


in relation to health services there is a need for

The 2005 C and AG report on NTPF ch 14 dept of health and children The Waiting List Initiative (WLI) was introduced in 1993 as a short-term initiative to tackle the problem of significant numbers of public patients waiting excessively long periods for elective (i.e. non-emergency) hospital procedures. the initiative continued until 2003 by which time it had been funded on an annual basis to a total cost of €290 million The National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF) was announced by the Minister for Health and Children in April 2002, as a key initiative of the Health Strategy to treat patients who have been longest on hosp in patient waiting lists. The 2001 Health Strategy28 set a target that by end of 2004 no public patient would wait longer than three months for treatment. The Strategy visualised the development of a national waiting time database by the proposed National Hospitals Agency. This database would help channel patients awaiting treatment to an appropriate hospital with sufficient capacity. The management and classification of waiting lists was to be reorganised in several important ways and used in the operation of the NTPF Patients can be referred to the NTPF by their GP, hospitals or Consultant, or they can contact the NTPF directly.

Co-location ex Beacon Medical Group

Quote from Mary Harney in a parliamentary debate : All privat patients and overflow public patients treated in co-located facility Apprx 53% have private health insurance
Private bed designation % in Public Hospitals out of kilter with % Privately Insured Fewer hospital beds now than in 1960s
2nd worst health service in Europe – 2006 euro health consumer index In 2020 it is predicted that we will have an aging population of 5.2 million with 1.25 million being older then 62 Action is needed now to provide future requirements

The beacon says that the future lies in public private partnership ex co-location

Taking action now to improve our health system means a healthier population, stronger workforce, and a more productive economy. Recent CSO figures found marked inequalities in life expectancy rates and mortality rates depending on area of deprivation, social class/occupation and level of education obtained Recommendations to combat health inequalities:

Developing a valid evidence base to support policy decisions. This should ensure that inequalities in different sections of society (gender, those living in poverty, the unemployed, immigrants, Travellers) are documented in order to assess the benefits of policies to reduce inequalities; 2. Ensuring that redistributive polices are directed towards reducing inequality; 3. Lowering the barriers to job creation to ensure that as many citizens in Ireland can have the opportunity of satisfying and sustaining employment; 4. Ensuring that health is considered a basic human right and that health services are provided on the basis of solidarity; 5. Realigning the country to ensure the conditions exist in which people and communities can flourish in health. This must take place at the highest policy level and should be achieved through a policy of health-proofing all public policy – in other words deleterious as well as beneficial effects of policy should be gauged using health impact assessment. EU POLICY ON HEALTH INEQUALITIES :

The EU has adopted a number of strategies and policies for addressing health inequalities. In October 2009, the European Commission issued a communication Solidarity in Health: Reducing Health Inequalities in the EU which sets out the Commission’s measures to address health inequalities including: • Collaboration with national authorities, regions and other bodies; • Assessment of the impact of EU...
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