Health Care Utilization Paper

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Health Care Utilization Paper

Health Care Utilization Paper

Many people have trouble finding adequate healthcare. There are many things that go into finding a physician like insurance and transportation. In this scenario John is a full time employee that is eligible for Medicaid due to his low income. He has high blood pressure that needs to be examined as he has a family history of heart attack. The nearest participating physician in his area unfortunately is too far and John has to use public transportation to get to this appointment that might take weeks to make. This is a scenario that is very common in our communities and we hear of a lot. I work in a medical office and this is one of the most common scenarios we have. We currently have a couple that resides in the north side of Las Vegas and has to take public transportation all the way to the south side of the city. They do this for two reason to see the provider that they like and because we are participating provider to their Medicaid plan. This couple has many health issues but they still have to travel far to see the doctor that will take care of them when needed.

Factors that affect health care utilization

In this case John is having trouble finding a servicing provider in his immediate area and that is contracted with his current insurance which is Medicaid. There are many factors that are affecting John to be able to obtain medical care. The first one is having a low income which takes us into the insurance he is currently enrolled in which is Medicaid. Many doctors are contracted with Medicaid but in this instance are too far. John does not have transportation so he has to use the public transportation system to get to and from his appointments. He is new to this community so he did not know that these servicing providers would be far from him. The last factor that would affect John’s health care utilization would be his...
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