Health Care

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Health Insurance

First off I would like to state my opinion that health care is a right, not a privilege. Most Americans have the same view as me and believe that everyone should have health care. One of the reasons Obama was elected was because of his view on health care.

In the 2009 study it states that there were 18,000 deaths from preventable illnesses that could have been treated by doctors if they had proper health care coverage. In perspective, that’s six times the number of people who died in 9/11, which occurs every year. Americans on average spend about 7,900 a year on health insurance and it generates an income of about 2.4 trillion dollars, or 18 percent of Americas GDP.

One of the reasons I think I should be a right rather than given to someone is there are hardworking people out there that barely make it by and can’t afford it. They fall into a high percentage of the preventable death category. That’s why I make it a right. Who is to determine whether or not someone is to be working “hard enough” to achieve this? Sure there are people out there that might not deserve to get it as a right in some persons eyes but America gives people a new chance and to not have the experience to achieve “the American dream” because of a illness that could be taking care of could hurt the American perception.

Studies have shown that Americans pay twice as much as other countries but don’t receive care even close. From developed countries America ranks in the bottom half of health care. This includes the millions who aren’t covered and that’s what lowers the percentages. If by right Americans were given health care then that number would surely rise and the country as a whole would be better off.

Now I can see the debate on the other side where it should be a privilege instead. There is that demographic of people who don’t do much and live off what the government gives them. But are the citizens of the United States? My parents always used to...
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