health and social level 3

Topics: Food safety, Illness, Patient Pages: 2 (900 words) Published: December 2, 2013

I identified many hazards when doing the risk assessment but these are the ones I choose to asses. Wet floor in the canteen.
Chairs not in the right place.
Tables and cutlery not clean.
Food poisoning.
Heated utensils and Appliances.
Heavy doors.
Wet floor in the canteen is a hazard because if somebody slips on the water that has be spilt they could seriously injure themselves they could end up with a broken back or leg this is why it is important for staff to look out for this hazards and clean it up asap and after they have cleaned it they must make sure that they put up a wet floor sign so that whoever will walk past will know that the place is slippery, and this will reduce the amount of patients that could get hurt by this. My setting can minimize this damage by making sure that staff are attentive and check if there is ever any water on the floor and if there is a certain spot where water is always on the floor they must try and sort it out it may be the spot where the water fountain and they must make sure that the water machine is not damaged if it is they must replace it. Chairs not in the right place this is a hazard because a patient could easily trip over one of the chairs and hurt themselves this may be because they haven’t noticed that the chair is in front of them because they may have been talking to friend whilst walking this is why chairs must always be put in place at all time, staff could put up poster in the canteen that say when people stand up please make sure that you put yours chairs back in place this may not apply to all the patients but some of them should be able to do this, and this will decrease the amount of patients that hurt themselves by tripping over chairs. Staff must not ignore it when they see chairs not in place because they can also hurt themselves with the same chairs. Tables and cutlery not clean this is hazard because the patients that will eat with the cutlery could catch something they could become...
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