Health and Safety - Roles and Responsabilities

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Health, Safety



Unit 1 – Assignment 1

Michelle Stephens – March 2010

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Task 1a
Roles and Responsibilities3

Task 1b
3 Main types of Legislation4

Task 2
Interaction between members of the building team10

(i) References11

Task 1

a) Identify and describe the roles and responsibilities of the persons responsible for health, safety and welfare on a construction project.

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Roles and Responsibilities

Everyone be it in the workplace or on a construction site is responsible for health, safety and Welfare. The main persons responsible for health, safety and welfare on a construction site are:

➢ Employer – their role is to conduct their business safely. In order to accomplish this, a supervisor (site manager) generally runs the site. They must ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees; they should provide a safe system of work, with safe plant and equipment. Provide safe handling storage transport along with information, supervision and training. There must be safe access and egress from the place of work along with a safe environment to work in. The employer also has a responsibility to produce a policy to this effect, and must consult with and co-operate n developing safety measures.

➢ CDM coordinator (formally planning supervisor) – They have the overall responsibility to coordinate the health, safety and welfare aspects of the design and planning phase.

Prepare the early stages of the health, safety and welfare plan.

Advise Clients of the competence and adequate resource of the principle contactor and ensure that a health, safety and welfare file for each structure is delivered to the client on completion.

➢ Designers – Ensure that structures are designed and specified to minimise any possible risks to health, safety and welfare during construction, and during maintenance.

Adequate information is provided on possible risks.

Co-operation with the CDM coordinator.

➢ Principle Contractors – These are responsible for taking account of health, safety and welfare issues when preparing their tenders or estimates.

Exclude unauthorised persons from the site

Co-operate with the planning supervisor

Coordinate activities, of all contractors, to ensure that they comply with the health, safety and welfare plan and provide information and training of employees and the self-employed about health, safety and welfare.

➢ Sub-contractors / Self employed – are to co-operate with the Principal Contractor on health, safety and welfare matters and explain how they will control the health, safety and welfare risks in their work.

➢ Employees – have a duty to follow the health, safety and welfare procedures that have been put in place and to use their initiative. They must wear suitable footwear or any other protective clothing which has been provided in accordance to what they are doing. Ensure that their working environment is safe at all times for themselves, work colleges and visitors to the site. They must cooperate with the employer and must not interfere with anything provided for safety.

b) Identify three main pieces of health, safety and welfare legislation relevant to the construction and built environment sector and describe the legal duties of employees and employers in terms of such legislation. The health and safety at Work Act 1974 was introduced due to the constantly expanding laws on health, safety and welfare in the UK and consolidated much of the previous legislation and good practices. It placed duties upon a number of parties including employers, the self employed and employees. Employers have a duty to ensure, as far as is reasonably possible, the health, safety and...

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