Health And Promotion Reflective Paper

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Reflective Paper
Vanessa Diamond
Health Promotion and Occupational Health – ECE 115-06
Carol Barbosa
Friday, November 7, 2014

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Part A: Information on Health Promotion and Occupational Health
I have identified two determinants of health to be the most applicable to Early Childhood settings these are: social support networks and income and social status. First, we as early childhood educators will have gained the knowledge about services and supports in order to participate in supporting families to establish social support networks for the “emotional and physical well-being of children” (Pimento & Kernested, 2010, p. 24). Communicating with parents is something that we will be practicing on a daily basis and we must use this time to connect and share ideas on different ways we can provide a positive environment for the children’s development while respecting the parents’ principles and decisions. For example, a Mother in the daycare setting may be having a difficult time balancing new life with a baby. She is only able to afford part time daycare and needs care for her child on a full time basis but cannot afford it. We, as early childhood educators can refer her to apply for subsidized daycare which may cover some of the costs. Also, mention homecare is a more affordable option and therefore may be able to register her child full time. In general, we can provide all families with information by laying pamphlets for example, on the communication table so that it would be visible to all parents walking into the classroom.

Furthermore, the income and social status of a family ties closely together to their healthy development which relates to any family within the early childhood setting. A child may go to school/daycare hungry because their family may not be able to afford breakfast which in turn can affect their learning experience negatively and affect their educational attainment later on in life eventually affecting the country’s human capita meaning an increase in high school dropouts. (Class Notes). Finally, we can discreetly assist lower income families on information regarding community services such as clothing exchanges, food banks and opportunities in skills and training development (Pimento & Kernested, 2010, p. 29). Part B: Personal Perspective on Health Promotion and Occupational Health

Being a full time E.C.E. student involves many stressors. Professional pressure, societal stressors and personal pressures are all stress factors we encounter throughout our education path. First is the societal pressure of being a woman capable of maintaining two full time jobs and one part time job (a student, a Mother and a worker) and still being able to excel in all of them. The professional stressor of the communication issues with directors, parents and coworkers and personal stress factor of caring for a sick family member (Pimento & Kernested, 2010). I personally, need to take time for myself in performing an activity that promotes relaxation such as yoga and/or a workout session with a physical trainer. Also, once a month I make an appointment with the spa. Looking at the future ahead and knowing that juggling all these demands at once is temporary, makes me feel less stressed. Furthermore, the professional stressor can be managed by communicating with coworkers and parents through staff meeting and/or individual meetings and writing the outcome of the meeting on a memo so that the messages are clearly conveyed and printed for review at any time. Also, dealing with a difficult situation once it happens rather than waiting for it to worsen over time, such as a child biting at the daycare centre. We can communicate with parents...

References: Pimento, B., Kernested, D. (2010). Healthy Foundations in Early Childhood Settings (4th Canadian ed.). Toronto, Canada: Nelson.
Promoting Health and Safety ECE-105-06. Class notes. Toronto, Canada.
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