Health Promotion

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Health Promotion
Chigo Ononye
Grand Canyon University
NRS 429 V

December 10, 2012

Health Promotion
Individual behavior and state of mind has been noted to have an impact on disease prevention and its associated death. These factors being put into consideration in health promotion puts a demand on the individual to make changes in many aspects of life. Nurses play important role in health promotion by intervening in actions that direct people towards developing resources to maintain or enhance their wellbeing. In this essay three recent publication of professional journal articles reviewed will be discussed as it relates to nursing practice and three level of health promotion. How the role of nurses changed regarding health promotion and the numerous ways nurses implement all aspects of nursing in health promotion. The three levels of health promotion will also be compared. Health Promotion Definition Health promotion is a new model in healthcare. O’Donnell defines it as “the science and art of helping people change their lifestyle to move towards a state of optimal health.”(Edelman & Mandel, 2010, p. 14). Nevertheless, health promotion is mainly all about inhibition and living healthy life style that leads to lower rate of diseases and death. Health promotion is different methods of life style people adopt to maintain good health. These actions lead to good quality life that brings about well-being and improve the quality of life and not only absence of disease. Individuals attain good health by exercising, eating healthy, living stress free life to take charge of their life. The purpose of health promotion in nursing practice is to bring about change in people’s attitude and action to start healthy lifestyle that will sustain or enhance their wellbeing .This helps individuals reach goal towards optimum health. Nurses are in the fore front of this program with main role in health promotion and disease prevention .They engage in changing the healthcare system from old way of managing and curing illness to model of health promotion. The nursing role and responsibilities in health promotion is an active one because they function in all the areas encouraging and reinforcing the positive actions individuals demonstrate towards lifestyle changes. Nurses use evidence base practice, education, providing positive support to reach progress towards goal. In the literature reviewed the three level of health promotion were used to manage diabetes type two in Latino community with positive outcome. With education of the people progress was made towards achieving health promotion. These were done in the public, community level and personal level. The nursing roles and responsibilities evolving in health promotion, and implementing methods for health promotion that encompasses all areas of nursing. In health promotion nurses work together with other health care associates and the community displaying a variety of roles: Advocate by striving to ensure that everybody attain high-quality life style, suitable, and at low cost Case manager role involves gathering of reliable data to make sure there is no duplication of services. Consultant role in their areas of practice or advance practice stand. -------------------------------------------------

Rendering of services is the main duty of nurses such as education, immunization, and -------------------------------------------------

Advising in health promotion as stated in the Nursing’s Social Policy Statement (ANA, -------------------------------------------------

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Comments: Chigo, you did a great job defining and discussing the definition of health promotion and the purpose of nursing in health promotion. This was excellent. You also looked at the roles of nursing in health promotion. Including how these roles are evolving was a needed element. You reviewed a few implementation methods, but this discussion was needed additional details outlining how this encompasses all areas of nursing and utilizing the reviewed articles to support ideas presented. You compared the 3 levels of prevention and reviewed 3 articles related to each level. There were multiple grammatical errors and some of the paragraphs and organization was confusing. Make sure to proof-read the paper. There were several APA errors, missing references, and missing elements for the references listed. Please refer to the APA style guide to help with these issues. Again, you did a great job discussing the definition and purpose of nursing in health promotion. Melanie
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