Hcr220 Week 7 Checkpoint

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Write a 250- to 300-word response to the following: Briefly explain causes and solutions for three of the most common billing and coding errors. What effect does the Medicare National Correct Coding Initiative have on the billing and coding process? Explain your answers. One billing related issue is, billing an invalid or outdated code. This is an issue when using temporary codes. It is important to check and double check your codes to make sure the codes you are using are valid and still in use. It is simple to check your codes because it will save you time and avoid having to redo the bills. Billing non-covered services is an issue for not only the insurance company but as well as the patient and yourself. It wastes your time as well as the insurance company’s time. It causes a hassle for the patient as well. A simple solution to correct this billing issue is to make sure a service is covered and is able to be billed before performing the service or contacting the insurance company. This will allow the patient to prepare for anything not covered by their provider. Using an inappropriate modifier or no modifier can cause the insurance provider to reject payment. This will cause the patient to stress and you to have more work going over the bill to ensure everything is completed properly. The easiest way to fix this issue is to know what codes you are working with and making sure you have the proper modifiers in place. If you are unsure, ask another person to help you. The national correct coding initiative aides in correct coding and stops improper coding that causes inappropriate payment for the medicare claims. This is a good tool because it will reduce patient frustration because there will not be bills sent to them for services not covered.
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