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In 2011, HCLT ERS (Engineering and R&D Services), a division of HCL Technologies, a global IT services corporation headquartered in New Delhi, India, had to devise next year's plan for the Engineering Out Of The Box (EOOTB) business concept that it had initiated in 2009, which transformed the division's ability to create "16 productized solutions" and to engage new and old customers in new revenue services. The productized solutions were heavily reliant upon IT platform-based solutions and services. The EVP, Global Sales, Engineering and Research Services (ERS), HCL Technologies, and the EOOTB team must consider the potential user experiences that ERS could gain from EOOTB in conjunction with its customers and its ecosystems (partners, collaborators, third party providers).

Learning Objectives

How the ERS division built on EOOTB's competitive advantage and the pr oductized solutions to scale up?

What the potential new markets and user exper iences that EOOTB could provide?

What new thought leadership positio ning towards customers could be?

What the delivery ecosystems that would be necessary are, and how the team should execute?

Company Overview
The company was founded as Hindustan Computer Ltd. (HCL) in 1976 by a group of Indian engineering technology entrepreneurs. The initial objective of the company was to design, produce & market scientific calculators. HCL had spun off two independent companies in 1991: HCLI & HCLT.

By the late 1990‟s HCLT had become a leading provider of business transformation, enterprise & custom applications, infrastructure management & BPO. While the industry had a compound annual growth rate of 20% but HCLT had grown upto 29% during the last five years. The company focused on “transformational outsourcing” whose hallmarks were value creation & innovation. HCLT were the 16 productized solutions & ecosystems, which had innovative solutions combined with services. HCL named them...
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