Having Children Before or After Marriage

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Having Children Before or After Marriage

A few people think there is no problem of having children before marriage. However, having to raise the child is a huge responsibility. In many cultures throughout the world prefer making the commitment first then having a child. It seems most couples are saying “my boyfriend and I want to have a baby” or “my fiancé and I are trying to get pregnant.” I must admit these types of people with this kind of attitude are not ready to have any children because they might have ignored the consequences and responsibility after having a child since raising a child requires money, time, and commitment.

When the couple waits patiently to get married then having the baby is the right way to become responsible parents. Most couples ignore the consequences and responsibility before bringing new life to this world. A newborn baby needs lots of attention, such as switching diapers every few hours, and feeding the baby. All the diapers, toys, clothing, baby food cost money. If the parents are not financial stable and still try to raise a baby is like abusing the baby because most likely the baby will lack required nutrition. I believe it is very foolish and naïve to create a family with someone who is not fully prepared to take necessary tasks to raise a child.

People who don’t believe in marriage before having a child usually get married after knowing his beloved partner is pregnant, why such an irony? I see it as both side fear of losing each other if things don’t work well. The couple may realize how much responsibility it takes to raise a child after a newborn comes. Not only money is required, but lots of time needs to be contributed toward the baby. For example, I watched my nephew grew up from two to four month old. I remembered I never had a good night sleep from his crying at night. My brother had to put in so much time and effort on his son before his wife takes over from school.

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