Hate Crimes

Topics: Sexual orientation, Gang, Criminology Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: April 16, 2013
All around the world people are becoming victims of hate crimes. Hate crimes are crimes that are attached to strong feelings of hate of someone’s ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability. These crimes usually suffer more extreme penalties because of this.

Everyone can be affected by hate crimes but some groups are hit harder then others. Racially African Americans are the most affected. They have over 3,400 victims a year. Religiously Jewish people are the worst affected because they have over 1000 victims every year. Sexually Male Homosexuals are the hardest because the have over 900 hate crimes a year. Lastly people with mental disabilities have fewer than 50 hate crimes a year.

People that commit hate crimes are most likely part of the Differential Association theory. This theory says that people learn to deviate from or become part of societies norms based on who they associate with. This is true with hate crimes because people become part of gangs due to this theory and when one joins a gang or specific group they tend to see other groups or people as inferior. This becomes true with member from the KKK, with them committing hate crimes on African Americans, or with the Bloods and the Crypts, with them committing hate crimes on each other.

People who commit hate crimes are dealt with harshly. They get more severe sentences and punishments then people who commit normal crimes. An example of this was in Georgia when a man attacked his mentally ill niece, calling her a racial slur and a disgrace to his daddy's memory while hitting her in the head. He received 2 years for the physical attack and 4 years for the racial slur. He would have only gotten 2 years but since he made it a hate crime he got 4 extra years.

Hate crimes are terrible and happening constantly. They are a terrible hate of another person for no clear reason. They only happen because of groups you hang out with or the way you were raised. Hate Crimes are wrong and are...
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