The Importance Of Hate Speech To Hate Crime

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Hate Speech to Hate Crime Why is No One Taking the Blame?

In the year of 2017, we are living in a time were we can communicate on many different platforms (Television, Online, Radio, Podcast, etc.) more than ever had before. The age where people can focus on the words that offend the few and not the masses that gets ingored. As well the age where individuals can easily express their views, whether is it a popular opinion or not. Which is within every American citizen first amendment rights; But what’s the limit when hate speech turns into a hate crime? the three examples I am using are come from the last five years.

On June 17, 2015. Dylan Roof enters the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Where he prayed, and hold hands with the people in the church, then Roof executed them
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Five police officer and civilians were injured. Over the years since the Roe Vs Wade. 1973 abortion decision. There has been protesting Planned Parenthood on religious purposes and people who don’t believe in abortions on a moral standpoint. According to the Time Magazine article “What Our Reaction to the Planned Parenthood Shooting Says About Robert Dear Jr. “Confirmation Bias” where a person interprets new facts of information to reinforce their rhetoric. How a person develops, a confirmation bias has strong beliefs that embedded in their mind for a long time. “It was suggested that Robert Louis he may have been influenced by the doctored Planned Parenthood videos released earlier this year. Other reports indicate Dear was a loner who was likely struggling with some form of mental illness, and that he opposed abortion but was not necessarily a virulent pro-life activist.” (Time, 2015). Robert Dear Jr is still awaiting trial for the 179 counts of attempted murder and

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