Has Internet Provided a Lot of Valuable Information or Caused Problems?

Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, Tim Berners-Lee Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: October 4, 2010
The philosophy of Internet, as means of providing information and connection between different people all over the world, is one of the noblest ideas in the twentieth century, and also one of the most important. It is a good question, whether with the avalanche of information, which best describes Internet nowadays, it can fulfill its purposes.

Everyone using Internet know that it is very hard to find quickly the right item, you are looking for. Doing this, man is wandering trough piles and piles of useless information and the process of looking resemble much of a fighting with a creature unfamiliar with your desires. When I am doing a project, for example, it is very hard for me to separate the popular information from the scientific, and I often find that I would have finished more quickly, if I had used the old fashion library.

Other problem of the Internet usage is that it is filled of uncensored information as violence, terrorism or sex. This is limiting its possibilities to be a good help to the children to understand the world or unless the world their parents want to show them.

Yes, the Internet is a window to the world, but our world is not so good to view it all. I accidentally come upon this sort of information and I am sure that it is decreasing the advantages of the World Wide Web. The Internet is a store of information. Some of it is valuable; other is useless or even harmful. As humans, if we want to make the Internet as useful as it is purposed to be, we must find some tool to navigate through it without the difficulties, which we are experiencing now or it will become useless.
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