Technology in the 20th Century

Topics: World War II, 20th century, Innovation Pages: 4 (866 words) Published: October 16, 2014

Technology in the 20th Century
Margie R. Collins
HUM/300 The Global Village
October 13, 2014
Joan Canby
Technology in the 20th Century
There can be no doubt that the twentieth century is one of the most remarkable unparalleled rate in mankind’s history for its technological advances and scientific discoveries, a rate that continues to this day. In fact, there were so many new gadgets invented and discoveries made in the last century that it’s difficult to pare the list down to just the three. However, here are the three technologies, that I have managed to narrow it down to those three innovations or technologies that have had the greatest influence on mankind: computer, internet, and radio. Internet

The internet has become a cultural, economic, and life changing technological phenomenon. Enough cannot be said about this incredible technology. However, the internet is not one single invention; it is a simple idea that has evolved throughout the decades into something bigger than us all. While the internet was started fairly recently, today we are still at the tip of the iceberg of what this technology in all its many forms can help us achieve. So in essence the internet has already and will continue to revolutionize the world. Even as its beginnings were humble, no one could have predicted its amazing growth through the last several decades. The internet has brought us so much information and not only to the social and business elite, but to the entire world. Looking back, the essential idea of the internet is extremely basic; however with several innovations, the internet has grown and evolved to where it is currently at today. Computer

It’s difficult to imagine our world today without computers that rendered the typewriter obsolete and made hand writing a thing of the past; however, it took the internet to truly turn the computer into the monster it is today. Of course, the computer have been around since World War II, it was clunky,...

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