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Has Genetic Science Gone Too Far?

By TekavecSara1 May 06, 2013 267 Words
Has genetic science gone too far?
Nowadays life with the help of genetic science is much easier than in the past. But is genetics really harmless and can help us or is it now already harmful? The way I see it, life in the future will be unpleasant because of the genetic science and its progress. Firstly, moving forward far too fast in genetic science can cause many troubles. Scientists should immediately stop and first think about consequences. They have to consider whether their experiments will benefit mankind or not before it is too late. Furthermore, changing the way things happen naturally poses many risks. It is dangerous to work against nature because soon the nature will somehow revenge upon us. Last but not least, this science is frightening. This is especially true when it concerns human life. It would be inconceivable, if scientist find a way and create human beings in a completely artificial way. On the other hand, some people argue that genetic science is necessary because there are many good medical reasons for experimenting with it and that it is the key to solving the world’s famine problems. This is partly true because it may help to save the lives of millions of people. They do not consider, however, that genetic science can make more difficulties than salvations. All in all, genetic science should, in my view, only be used for basic needs in our life. It is good to search for ways to improve our lives but first we have to think about all consequences that come with benefits.

Sara Tekavec, 3. b

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