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The Teddy Bear Blanket

There once was a little girl named CindyLou. She was a very happy kid; had everything she needed. I guess you could say she was lucky. The only thing CindyLou need was hugs. Lots and lots of hugs – I mean so many – and everyone would wonder why. CindyLou would smile and say, “Because it feels good, and I like feeling good all the time.” “What about your toys and friends?” They would ask the little girl. “Doesn’t work.” CindyLou responded. It seemed that nothing else worked as good as a hug. That night CindyLou had the best dream ever. In the dream she was sleeping, then suddenly felt very cold; so cold that it woke her up. As she wrapped her arms around her shoulders CindyLou noticed something glowing in the corner of her bed. That’s when she saw it for the very first time.

The teddy bear blanket.
As CindyLou looked at the teddy bear blanket she told herself she was only dreaming, but just looking at it made her feel good. CindyLou picked up the blanket and draped it around her shivering body, and it felt as good as the best hug ever. In her dream CindyLou melted into the warmth of the blanket and fell back to sleep – with good feelings and happy dreams. When CindyLou woke up the next morning, to her surprise, there wrapped around her was the teddy bear blanket. “I guess I wasn’t dreaming… the teddy bear blanket is real and it’s mine forever and ever.” CindyLou said to herself. But the only thing that matters is now she has her forever hug.
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