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Revving up sales at Harley-Davidson
There is a mystique associated with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. No other motorcycle _ in the world has the look, feel and sound of a Harley-Davidson. Demand for Harley- Davidson motorcycles outweighs supply even though the company produces 300000 motorcycles a year, which generates over USS4 billion in revenue. Some models have a two-year waiting list. The company recently won a number of awards, including being rated: 2nd in ComputerW0rId’s Top 100 Best Places to Work in IT;

51st in Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For;
1st in Fortune’s 5 Most Admired Companies in the Motor Vehicle Industry; 1st in the Top 10 Sincerest Corporations (by the Harris Interactive Report); 2nd in the Top 10 Overall Corporations (by the Harris Interactive Report).

Harley-Davidson's focus on technology.
Harley-Davidson's technology budget of US$50 million is more than 2 per cent of its revenue, which is far above the manufacturing industry average. More than 50 per cent of this budget is devoted to developing new technologies such as sharing information, gaining business intelligence and enhancing decision making. Harley Davidson’s commitment to technology is paying off; for example, by using strategic information systems, the company has reduced its operating costs by US$40 million. Talon, Harley-Davidson's proprietary dealer management system, is one of its most successful information systems. Talon handles inventory, vehicle registration, warranties and point-of-sale transactions for all Harley-Davidson dealerships. The system checks dealer inventory, generates parts orders and analyses global organisation information. Talon gives Harley-Davidson managers a 360-degree view into enterprise-wide information that supports strategic goal setting and decision making throughout all levels of the organisation. Building supplier relationships

For the legendary motorcycle manufacturer, the direct-to-store model has worked very well. The...
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