Harley-Davidson Case Study

Topics: Technology, Value, Strategic management Pages: 4 (959 words) Published: July 20, 2008
Tangible & Intangible Resource Analysis
A full appraisal of the tangible and intangible resources can be found in Appendix D. Table 5, below, summarises this analysis. TABLE 5 TANGIBLE AND INTANGIBLE RESOURCE ANALYSIS
Tangible Financial ResourcesCurrently Financially soundSmall compared to competitors: limited ability to invest in new areas Tangible Physical resourcesGood plant and operations in the US. Probably less efficient than competitors; no assets outside US Intangible Technological resourcesOnly strength is an agreement with PorscheVery weak technologically; no record/reputation technologically Intangible Reputation resourcesVery strong brand in the USBrand of some but limited value outside the US Human ResourcesExtremely loyal and valuable workforce, who themselves strengthen the brandNo or weak abilities in marketing and manufacture in other countries In conclusion, this analysis highlights …..

Value Chain Analysis
A full description of the Value chain analysis can be found in Appendix E. Figure 2 summarises this analysis. Firm Infrastructure: Good senior management has transformed the firm, but it remains small compared to global competitorsMargin: Adequate but possibly insuff-icient for financing major new model, technology or mar-ket development HRM: Excellent, but no skills or abilities outside the US

Tech Development: Very Weak, so the brand relies on its lack of technology. Procurement: Very good relationships with streamlined supplier base, and new Brazil operation can reduce costs further Inbound logistics:

good advanced JIT proceduresOperations:
Excellend highest level US operationsOutbound logistics:
very good because …..Marketing & Sales:
Excellent relationships and brand strength in US. Very weak outside USService: Excellent in the US; very weak outside….
This analysis highlights that …..
Functional audit comparison with competitors
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