Happiness Essay

Topics: Cognition, Philosophy of science, Scientific method Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Happiness Essay
What does happiness mean? I have often wondered about that. Dorothy Wade also questions “So what do you need to do to find happiness?” to me the quote means what things must you do or endure to get happiness. I believe that as people, we are never satisfied. After reading Professor Seligman’s theory on happiness I support, and qualify his observation as happiness being short-lived. This can be proven by the observations that people always look for the negative first and the fact that we are never satisfied.

As stated in Professor Seligman’s passage “Because our brain evolved during a time of ice, flood, and famine, we have a catastrophic brain” this means that because we were brought up in hard times, we are automatically prepared for the negative. Not saying that this is a good thing, because it is not necessarily. Understanding that we must be prepared for the worst, we must also have hope for positive, and or better times. From my experiences, at church, they always tell us to “hope for the better, and better will come, always think about the negative and that’s what you will get”. I believe this is true, because all things thought will come to fruition.

The idea of people never being satisfied comes from personal experiences. When people receive gifts, they are excited. When they open it, and see that it’s not what they expected, they often put their selves is a state of sadness, or disappointment rather than being thankful, or gracious. I think of this when I hear the saying “it’s the thought that counts” I believe that this ties into how to find happiness because instead of people being happy, or thankful for receiving a gift, they are ungrateful and unhappy. That brings me back to the fact that I also believe that happiness is short-lived, because were happy until something we do not expect to happen changes our mood.

What does happiness mean? I have often wondered. After reading Professor Seligman’s theory...
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