Hamlet Is Sensitive.

Topics: Heir apparent, Grief Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: March 3, 2010
Tayla Hyatt
English II – H
Mr. Ron Smith
01 March 2010

One of most well known characters in literature, maybe the Edward Cullen of the 1600s, is Hamlet. He is well known for his stealthy act in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. One could describe Hamlet as; spiritual, combative, strong willed, and sensitive. My favorite of which is sensitive. This single adjective describes Hamlet the best. Hamlet is at a crossroads in his life. After losing his father and feeling lost and abandoned by his mother who is all up on the his uncle. This is sickening. My thesis is to support hamlet as being a sensitive character which he is that is represented in whole by the text in hamlet, but more so supported by the actions he takes and the reasoning that can be concluded behind them. The main reason for hamlet’s attitude for life and attitudes towards people is the death of his beloved father. When you lose someone that important to you, you want connection with them now that they are gone. It opens your eyes to other possibilities of connection via the ghost. There are different stages of grieving, you’re sad, you’re mad, you’re grieving. He is desperate for avengence. Which is him being angry and desperate for relief. Hamlet et as seeking truth in order to be certain that he is justified in carrying out the revenge called for by a ghost that claims to be the spirit of his father. In the course of trying this, hamlet is going mad because of his non stop pondering and wonder over situations, people, and etc. "Hamlet is a noble prince who suffers from a corrupt world that is not suitable to his sensitive moral nature.” university student whose studies are interrupted by his father’s death, Hamlet is extremely philosophical and contemplative. He is particularly drawn to difficult questions or questions that cannot be answered with any certainty. Faced with evidence that his uncle murdered his father, evidence that any other character in a play would believe,...
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