Topics: Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet, Gertrude Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: May 31, 2014
1. Character: Hamlet
2. Limited aspect: good swordsmen, emotional, gracious and clever 3. Thesis Statement:
Draft: Hamlet is an actor
Final: Hamlet becomes an avenger
4. How is Hamlet a disgusted observer?
Why is Hamlet a disgusted observer?
How does he become actor?
Why does he become an avenger?

I. William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet identifies the social and higher class of that time. Hamlet has many different characteristics throughout the play. Hamlet is very emotional at times, but is very gracious through his struggle. Hamlet is an honest man but becomes violent. II. Hamlet becomes a disgusted observer because of all the many things that happen to him after his father’s death. His mother so soon to marry his uncle, “But two months dead- nay, not so much, not two!” (1.2.138) shows how disgusted he is with his mother. Hamlet wasn’t quit over his father’s death yet when his mother married Claudius. Hamlet didn’t care much for his uncle Claudius, “Hyperion to satyr, so loving to my mother” (1.2.140) goes to show that Hamlet liked the way his father treated his mother compared to Claudius. Hamlets father was much more handsome from what Hamlet quotes. From the word Hyperion is his father that means like a handsome Sun God in Hamlets eyes. The word satyr is weird looking like a goat which is what Claudius looked like to Hamlet. III. Hamlet is an avenger because soon after his father’s death he wanted to get back for what had happened, “What an ass am I! This most brace that I, the son of a dear murderer Prompted to my revenge by heaven and hell must like a whore unpack my heart with words.” (2.2.545)Hamlet saw that was Claudius was quick to get Gertrude’s attention for marriage. When Hamlet finally decides to take revenge for his father he going into a lot of thinking,” How all occasions do inform against me and spur my dull revenge.” (5.4.33) When Hamlet gets the response from Claudius that he was hoping for...
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