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Modern Day Role Models
The Ideal Role Model- Your Parents[->0]
You may not always think it, but everything your parents do is with your best interest in mind. One of their main goals in life is to make sure that you become the best possible person you can Susan Burton[->1]

Burton is the founder of the program A New Way of Life Reentry Program. It is designed to help out females that are just released from prison. Most of these offenders would usually end up back in jail, but Burton's program gets them off this path and provides a sober place to live and other support services. Burton has helped over 400 women become clean, and the only thing she asks for in return is that they stay clean, attend 12 step meetings, and enroll in school, get drug treatment or find work. As a former offender herself, she dedicates her life to helping these other women turn their lives around like she did.

Pilot Chesley Sullenberger[->2]
After both engines went out on US Airways A230 bound for Charlotte, North Carolina, pilot Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger had very few options of what to do. The lives of all 155 passengers rested in his hands. Thinking quickly, he directed the jetliner toward the Hudson River. In order to safely land the plane on the river, Sullenberger had to hit the water at an angle less than 10 degrees. Unbelievably, the cool-headed pilot was able to perfectly land the plane and all the passengers survived.


Who are the Role Models of Today?[->4]
With scandals such as the ones involving athletes Tiger Woods, Ben Roethlisberger, and Brett Favre occurring so frequently with modern day celebrities, it becomes difficult to trust people of fame to serve as proper role models. But this does not mean we live in a world in which such role models do not exist. There are those out there that make huge sacrifices for a cause that is bigger than themselves. People who look more to help others than to help his or herself. We must teach the values and...
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