Looking for Alibrandi Expository Essay

Topics: Melina Marchetta, The Culture, Debut albums Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: April 10, 2013
From the moment we are put into our parents’ arms, they begin to shape our identity. Our appearance, thoughts and actions are developed from them and what they believe is “right” and “wrong.” However unfair as it may seem at times, everything done is based on their past experiences, the culture we are born into and ultimately done for our own well-being.

“Never change who you are to please people”, “There is nothing you can’t do” and “We are proud of you no matter what” are three very common phrases used within a family. Parents especially use these (among many others) to teach their children to be comfortable with who they are so that it is easier for them to find their place in the world. Even when we are merely a thought, our parents begin planning our lives; what we should get out of it and what they need to do to help us reach our full potential. When we don’t understand what is happening, the fact that so much effort is put into us can be a frightening prospect; however our family consists of the people that will always be there. Our siblings are generally the people we trust more than anyone. We turn to them for assistance, advice and guidance and feel their absence both physically and emotionally. They are the ones we aspire to be like and arguably have the most impact on where we belong. Our family cannot be changed or replaced. You cannot give up on them because through the hardships and struggles, as well as the triumphs and successes, you will always be linked to them. There is no bond greater than that of a family and by accepting those around you, you accept yourself and build your identity from that unconditional love and unbreakable trust.

When you are still developing your identity, it is almost impossible to recognise where you belong and our culture can act as a barrier, and therefore hinder us from figuring out our place in the community, in society and even the world. Our culture consists of two main components; religion and...
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