Hacking for Newbie

Topics: File Transfer Protocol, FTPS, Password cracking Pages: 11 (3946 words) Published: February 16, 2012
Made on August 19, 1997.

Introduction - OK, this file is intended solely for people who know very little about hacking, and when I say very little I mean very little. Now, for those of you jumping happily around and screaming "Finally, I am gonna be a hacker!” stop jumping around and just sit down, take a few deep breaths, and just relax.

After reading this file you should be able to hack
2 - FTP/UNIX sites,
3 - Website Tricks, and
4 - Neat stuff/Misc. with much confidence.

Now, on to the disclaimer:
*** I will NOT be held responsible for what you do with this information. ***

NOTE: All commands that are written in this file, with the exception of the John the Ripper commands, like "edit passwd" are for DOS, so if you have UNIX use the VI editor or something of the sort.

OK, now there is no specific table of contents of this file, I am pretty much just going to make it up as I go along. Now, for you advanced hackers out there, I would recommend just leaving this file because you probably won't find much in this file that you don't already know. All right, now that I'm done this stupid raving rant, I can start explaining how to go about learning what you want to learn.

1 - How to hack a WWWBOARD (Credit going to kM of www.hackersclub.com for coming up with this brilliant idea, lets all applaud kM.)

OK, now obviously, in order to hack a WWWBOARD you need some sort of password file. Now, defaultly the passwd file is in the WWWBOARD directory. Most people who run the WWBOARD think to themselves "Hmm... What are the odds of some guy coming along and wanting to hack my WWWBOARD?" Well, the odds are pretty damn good. Now, when I say hack I mean both just to explore and just to do fun stuff like deleting files. I am not saying deleting files is GOOD, but sometimes it is fun. Anyway, the passwd file is almost always in the WWWBOARD directory, so lets take a real WWWBOARD.

The URL is http://www.cobleskill.edu/projects/archeo/wwwboard/. Now, if you go to that URL you will see a listing of files. For the purpose of this file ONLY, and not malicious intent, I have not alerted the site of this problem. Now, go to that URL and click on the file passwd.txt. You will get two words that look like this:


The first word, WebAdmin, is the username of, obviously, the operator of this WWWBOARD. The second "word" is the password, now, your probably sitting there looking at that word thinking to yourself "God damn, that is one funky password!" Well, stop thinking that because yes, that is the password, but it is encrypted. So, you have to get a password cracker. Now, I recommend one of two Password Crackers, either CrackerJack or John the Ripper, both of these can be found at http://www.hackersclub.com or almost any other hacking site. Once you go and get a password cracker you will most likely need a Word File. Those to can be found at http://www.hackersclub.com. Once you get the necessary stuff, you will need to copy the password file, WebAdmin:aepTOqxOi4i8U, and paste it into an empty notepad file or something of the sort. Now, you are probably thinking to yourself again "Alright, now I can crack this bad-ass of a password and become a hacker!" Sorry to rain on your parade, but no. Yes, you might be able to crack the password, but then ask yourself one question, once I got the password, what do I do with it?? Do I go mail it to the server www.cobleskill.edu and say "Hey, I got your passwd, now give me complete access to your WWWBOARD!" Sorry, if you do that, you will be thinking for about 10 years in prison "What did I do wrong?" or you might become Bruno's sweet boy. Sound like fun?? Didn't think so. OK, now IF you crack the password file, and you get the Username and Password, unencrypted of course, paste it into a text document or something, then add this right onto it - ":-2:-2:anonymous NFS user:/:/bin/date" What that will do will turn...
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