Lab 1

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Attack and Penetration Test Plan

Table of Contents
Scope –Production e-commerce Web application server and Cisco network. Goals and Objectives – Penetration Test on company’s e-commerce Web Application Server and its Cisco Network. Identify any potential entry point and test user input for injections. Tasks – Manipulate HTTP requests and observe HTTP responses. Tamper with user input

Test for SQL injections
Test for XSS
Test code for injections
Test for command injections.
Reporting - Jennifer Le
Schedule Between 2:00 am – 6:00 am. Saturdays only EST.
Unanswered Questions – How many employees are in this company?
- Will the employees be aware of this test?
Authorization Letter – From John Smith, CEO of E-Commerce Sales stating that I have permission to do this test.

Lab Assessment Questions and Answers

1. Provide a brief summary of the activities in each of the hacking steps listed below: 1.
Reconnaissance—The initial stage of collecting information on your target network 2.
Enumeration—The process of querying active systems to grab information on network shares, users, groups, and specific applications 3.
Gaining access—The actual penetration
Maintaining access—Allowing the tester a backdoor into the exploited system for future attacks 5.
Covering tracks—The process of deleting log file entries to make it appear that you were never on the exploited system 2. To exploit or attack the targeted systems, what can you do as an initial first step to collect as much information as possible about the targets prior to devising an attack and penetration test plan? The first step I would take would be from the 5 steps to hacking, which is the reconnaissance. I would use passive reconnaissance as this pertains to information gathering. 3. What applications and tools can be used to perform this initial reconnaissance and probing step? Google is a major tool in most hackers initial first step. But you can use Nmap, AMAP,...
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