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Research Paper - HAARP
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For some decades the man gives the impression of children playing with forces that are unable to comprehend and control. But behind every great discovery often pose risks, even threaten life itself on our planet. The fission of the atom, considered as the greatest discovery of 20th century, released tremendous forces that proved unprofitable and destructive. Similarly program and the infamous HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is considered by many as the modern "Pandora's box", from which it will soon provide many calamities come to the planet Earth and humanity. According to opponents of HAARP, which criticizes and the New World Order, those scientists involved in this controversial program: "They are like little children playing with a pointed stick, find a bear in hibernation and tease it to see what happens "... For any other scientific project not written so much in recent years, both for HAARP, which became the favourite topic of conspiracy theorists in the early 1990's. International public opinion turned his first attention to the original HAARP in 1995. In that year he published a 230-page book that shook the world public opinion. The book was titled Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology (Angels do not play this HAARP - a pun on the Greek word 'rpa-Harp - Advances in Tesla Technology) and the authors were research scientist Dr. Nick Begkis and journalist Gene Maninis. Besides that it contained several enlightening details about the hitherto almost unknown program, a book and an open condemnation of the "high frequency vandalism of Heaven" was about to unleashed from Alaska. "This program has nothing to do with musical instruments or the northern lights," was the ironic response to the militant war-HAARP Barbara Claire Zikour those seeking to learn about this program, while not classified as confidential, however covered from the start with veils of secrecy and vagueness. But soon everyone knew that something important was happening in Gakona central Alaska. Beneath the permanently snow capped mountains of the St. Elias Park moved 360 yards, height of 24 meters each and a total capacity 1,7 Gigawatt , A non-coherent radar scattering diameter 36 meters, detection devices, Measurers laser magnetometers, infrared sensors and optics for analysis of low level light radiation from the atmosphere, transmitters, generators, control cages etc. There's also built around a village to host a small "army" of scientists, researchers and experts who would perform the experiments. Obvious purpose of the persistent and thorough "investigation of the ionosphere." As for the hidden purpose of the program, even the most imaginative conspiracy theorists find it difficult to discover them  

Leveraging past and scientific background of this exotic program, we discover with surprise the timeless genius of Nikola Tesla, who a century ago had set the stage for the development of technologies based on electromagnetic radiation. Specifically, in the No. 1,119,732 patent (08/12/1915) Tesla discusses the creation of a "global electromagnetic shield" as a great defensive weapon to protect against all attacks. In the twilight of his life the Serbian - American inventor worked on the construction of superiority that will disable the conflict. It is also irrelevant that once Tesla died (01.07.1943), FBI agents stole retention and final part of the valuable notes of . The death of Tesla, however, coincided chronologically with the first attempts to split the atom (Project Manhattan), resulted in all the studies on applications of electromagnetic technology to sink into oblivion. In this and helped launch the era of the Cold War, which turned the attention of researchers only...
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