GY301 Class 10

Topics: Africa, International development, Development Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: March 27, 2014
GY301 Class Hand-out Week 10: Whither Development? Corruption

Goals for the class

Consider how ‘corruption’ has emerged as a critique of the ‘development state’ in the past 25 years. The expectation that corruption would disappear with development gave way to views of corruption as ‘endemic’. Are the accusations that corruption should deny countries development assistance justified and is it naïve to imagine that governance or civil society will do things differently? How far is corruption an unfair ‘sign’ to distinguish North from South, and enterprise from state?

Short video: BBC Africa Today: Is the scale of corruption in Africa a myth?

Split into three groups, outline the key argument(s) of one of the articles (10 minutes) and their influence on geopolitics in the Cold War.

1) Pick out quotes to illustrate the argument (preferably with page numbers) 2) Respond to the arguments critically, using the prompts below if necessary.

Come back to the group and present a short outline

Class Debate: ‘Good Governance’ is the solution to corruption in the developing world.

Past Exam Question: How far do you agree that ‘poor governance and corruption are a cancer on the global development process’? 2008.

Some prompts and questions for your discussions:

Brown & Cloke (2005) – Neoliberal reform, governance and corruption in Central America: Exploring the Nicaraguan case What is the conventional neoliberal view of corruption?
How do Brown & Cloke criticise this mainstream view?
What do the mainstream views focus on/what do they ignore in terms of development progress? How does the example of Nicaragua illustrate the criticisms of anti-corruption policy and discourse? What do Brown & Cloke prescribe as the necessary changes to anti-corruption strategies?

Szeftel (1998) – Misunderstanding African Politics: Corruption and the Governance Agenda What does Szeftel...
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