Guppy Fish

Topics: Mosquito, Water, Larva Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: October 7, 2010
Mumbai mirror

The entire city has been plagued by the deadly disease of malaria. Patients are making a beeline at the doctor's dispensary and hospitals are crowded with patients being treated for malaria. But Thane is lucky, as a traditional and natural way of treating malaria has been introduced here. Guppy fish or million fish, (a species of fishes) if released in the stagnant water and other places where mosquitoes breed, helps having a control on the spread of malaria.

The Guppy fishes eat up the larvae and eggs of the mosquitoes and thus help in curbing Malaria. Guppy fishes thus control the spread of the disease. Sangam Dongre (35) a local political worker from Naupada, Thane has taken the initiative to find these fishes and put them in stagnant water in and around Naupada. This helps in keeping a control over the spread of malaria.

"The area sees lakhs of people passing daily which needs to be safe enough and so as to the resident staying in the vicinity.""We knew that malaria can be controlled by guppy fishes. This system is widely publicised in the rural part of the state. I am personally monitoring the whole drive. Everyday, I take a round in the area and identify the stagnant water in and around Naupada and then release these fishes into the water," said Dongre.

This drive started a week ago with Dongre and his friends introducing more than 10,000 guppy fishes at Sathewadi, Dadapatil wadi, Malbar wadi, Datewadi, Gautam wadi, Railway quarter, Anantashram, Brahmin society, Dadapatilwadi, Hinduwadi and areas surrounding the Railway quarters and the adjoining slums near station.

The Guppy fishes are collected from the water bodies like wells and gutters where they are available in abundance. They are further cleaned with fresh water in thick carry bags and released in stagnant water bodies.

"We also intent to start a drive in the other parts of the city, which would surely control the spread of the dreadful disease," added Dongre. His...
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