Topics: Good, Customer, Customer service Pages: 2 (284 words) Published: March 27, 2011
1. Majority of the customer are satisfied with the quality but not with the service.

2. Ordering process is very easy along with that paper work of UltraTech is very comfortable for customers than other competitors.

3. Majority of the company people did not stick to their commitment regarding delivery of TM .

4. Company takes more order then their plant actual production.

5. Small orders are not consider.

6. No proper attention towards customer problems.

7. Proper coordination is lacking between marketing team & planning team.

Most of the clients of UltraTech concrete are satisfied with the products related aspects but significant number of clients are not satisfied with services of the company.

57.1% of respondents are very satisfied with UltraTech in terms of product and services that’s why they would like to recommend UltraTech to others.

32.2% of respondents are either satisfied with product or with service so they would fairly like to recommend UltraTech to others.

Only 10.7% of respondents are not satisfied neither with product nor with services of UltraTech so they would never like to recommend UltraTech to others.

It can be concluded from the project research that UltraTech concrete is lacking in its services. It was analyzed that its customers are satisfied with the quality but not that satisfied with the services. Though ordering was easy, it was not backed by a good delivery process.

RMC is the immediate competitors of UltraTech . so the company has to develop some strategies to differentiate their products and services in a better way.

Also, in today’s competitive era where loyalties shift dramatically, it should focus more onsolving customer problems and small orders should also be considered.
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