guns in school

Topics: School violence, Columbine High School massacre, Teacher Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: May 4, 2014
Gun Control in school

Gun controls in school how safe are our kids? There are ways to make schools safer for our children. I will expose the truth about stopping it before it happens I will also teach you all that we can do as citizens to target violators before they attack. Also I will explain to you that there are small steps to take to save us the anguish and turmoil that may happen if nothing is done soon. In this presentation I will talk about the benefits of guns in school, the increase of security in our schools and if nothing is accomplished soon what the outcome may be. In the past ten years school violence has increased 700 percent than from 2003.There are measures that can be done to protect our children. These measurements can be done with vigilance, knowledge of potential mental disorders and more security at our schools. There are a few simple ways we can know our children are being protected and one of those ways is guns in schools. There has been a rapid rate in school shootings in the past ten years. It has been said that we should arm our teachers with weapons so that they can protect if our children are put in harm’s way. If the teachers are armed then maybe they could save just one child’s life. When polled over eighty two percent of parents agreed that this would be a good way to protect our schools. (The Huffington post) The other benefits of this are that there are private schools across America that has this system in place and these schools have never seen any gun violence. Typically the teachers will keep the weapon in a locked safe so that students or other school workers cannot get to the weapon. Also the teachers are taken to a shooting range anywhere from every three to six months so that the can operate the weapon more proficiently. And these teachers are also given one to two week training in a live simulator so that if a threat arises they will not be...
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