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Topics: Geert Hofstede, Human behavior, Behavior Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: November 28, 2006
Gung Ho" and the Integrated Cultural Framework
The purpose of this exercise is to apply the dimensions of the Integrated Cultural Framework to the movie "Gung Ho". Each company is discussed separately using examples from the movie and then summary values provided.

United States

ICF DimensionLowModerateHigh
Ability to InfluenceHigh
Comfort with AmbiguityHigh
Time OrientationPresent
Space OrientationPublic

Ability to Influence Outcomes There were many instances in the movie where the Americans illustrated a low power distance and a strong belief in their ability to influence outcomes. First the town sent one person to a foreign country believing that he could ‘sell' the Japanese on opening the plant. The workforce believed they could change the terms of employment and the main character believed that he could change the workers attitude to over achieve and meet the 15,000 car target. Comfort with AmbiguityThe main character showed up alone, in a new country, without a map and unable to speak the language and was not phased. He displayed a trust of human nature and that people were inherently good and would help him out. Taking this as an example the US displayed low uncertainty avoidance and a high comfort with ambiguity. AssertivenessThe Americans show a high level of assertiveness through the aggressiveness at the ball game, even at the cost of wiping out one of the opposite team and the fight scene in the grocery store. There is also a high level of focus on achieving whether it is winning a game or meeting the 15,000 car production target. They show clear masculinity and ‘doing' orientations. Individualism/CollectivismThis was one of the most interesting and obvious differences between the cultures. The Americans behaved very individualistically by continually doing their own thing rather than working for the whole. The worker wanted to leave to be with his...
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