Gun Control Research Paper

Topics: Gun politics in the United States, Firearm, United States Pages: 7 (1725 words) Published: February 23, 2016

The Bear who has no arms Cannot Function: Gun Control in the United States
Gun control has been a controversial topic throughout the United States. A huge problem with the American society is how important political dilemmas are presented. Gun control is all over media headlines; look at any major news channel and anyone can see how common issues about guns are communicated by news anchors and journalists. The information is represented in a bias manner that sways the audience’s views. In this day, information about national issues are so easily accessible to the American public. Why would one spend their time researching on the internet to find unbiased information when they could turn on a television or read a trending headline on a website...

Kelly Doyle in Is Gun Ownership a Right? states “The Second Amendment recognized the absolute individual right to keep arms in the home and to carry them in public” (2005, pg. 67). Society is made better off when law-abiding citizens exercise their right to bear arms because individuals are able to deter crime and make society a safer place for everyone. The gun control trends from Germany in the times of World War II show how the restriction of firearms can help lead a government tyranny. In “The case for gun control”, the author states “Germany was the most educated and technically advanced country in the world at the time and yet murdered 20 million of its own people after disarming them less than 70 years previously” (Robertson, 2012). Restricting firearms from individuals was a main contributor to the mass murder of millions of vulnerable and innocent civilians. Gun control deprives the citizens of the United States of maintaining public security leaving them vulnerable to any government tyranny that can...

The government needs to respect the individual rights that the Constitution grants to the American people and allow civilians to exercise their right to bear arms. Restricting firearms can make innocent civilians more prone to death by a potential murderer. Individuals have the power to end lives with the trigger, but it takes self-control and responsibility. And for those very few who are unfortunate and cannot control themselves, government must not deliberately focus their time and efforts into regulating firearms but rather to focus their time and efforts to educate and/or rehabilitate. At the end of the day, it is not the gun itself that decided to hurt another individual, but the individual who decided to hurt the individual. Those who intend to harm, will find a way to harm regardless of legislation. The government should not punish every law-abiding citizen for the mistakes of a very small...
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