Growing up Lucys heart essay

Topics: Virtue, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Growing up

The sin bin or Lucy’s heart is a short story written by Lucy Cross. It was published in 2000. The author leads us into the mind of Lucy, a young girl, who lives in Cardiff, Wales. Lucy is perfectly behaved, and a straight-A student in school. Surprisingly, she has been put in detention-class for punching her former good friend, Penny. The teachers blame her behavior on bad influence from her friend Bethan. Bethan is the complete opposite of Lucy. She is the popular and tough kid in school. Lucy is caught between two worlds: the old traditions with her family and the popular social life with her school friends. She behaves well, makes homework and does whatever her mom tells her to do. I think this is also why Lucy wants to be friends with Bethan. She doesn’t want to be the ‘good-girl’ stereotype that she thinks she is. Her mum definitely has a clear vision of what perfect is to her and she wants her daughter to be just that; perfect. Even though Lucy’s mother puts a lot on Lucy’s shoulders, Lucy still wants to make her mother proud. She still wants her to think of her as the good girl that she is. For example she wears makeup to school but takes it of before she gets home so her mother doesn’t see it. The relationship between Lucy and Bethan is very simple, yet complicated. Indeed, it is very hard to understand. The two girls might seem like real friends, but in reality I don’t think they are even friends at all. Bethan is everything that Lucy wants to be and also the complete opposite of her. Bethan is free and can do whatever she wants with her life, because nobody expects anything from her. Bethan is probably lonely in despite of her popularity. I think that she might be very controlling, therefore hard to be friends with. It seems like she uses Lucy because she is an easy target. Lucy will do almost anything Bethan says, therefore Bethan feels powerful when they are together. I think their relationship is unhealthy for both parts, but in a...
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