Growing Up Asian

Topics: Tabloid, News Corporation, The Sun News-Pictorial Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: May 20, 2013
The editorial “Bikies threat to public” that was published on the 7th of March in the Herald Sun shows a serious concern about bikies and their so called “wars”. It states that they (The bikies) should be taken seriously because they are a lot more powerful than the police think they are. The piece mostly uses connotation, attack and an appeal to safety and they make the public feel like they have to join in the “fight against bikies”. The audience thinks that they are crimaanls because of photo they represent themselves to the public. The photo they showed in the article shows a group of birkies going to meeting or a cruise . it Is trying to show that they are dangerous and have the got the numbers to cause big chaos. But for all we know it could be a charity cruise. They show a sign of power and will not hesitate to cause on the public. The title is saying bikies threat to the public is appeal to safety as public feel scared of them and what there impact on the public is. The editorial shows in the text that all of this is a real issue including stastics to implemtant his point on the reader. He also uses a lot of exgarettion saying that the situation is similar to a warzone.

Overall, this piece is a primarily respons(style) response to what the author sees as ____________ (restatement of issue). The heavy emphasis on __________ and ___________ (arguments, strategies) would most probably appeal to ________ (Specific groups) but would be unlikely to convince (specific groups alienated) due to _____________.
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