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Topics: Food security, World population, Famine Pages: 3 (1072 words) Published: November 20, 2013

Growing Change: The Effects Of Globalisation
The film Growing change Cunich (2011) discusses factors that influence the production, distribution and consumption of food at a global scale. Cunich(2011) addresses issues in his film regarding government and political initiatives that have been implemented in Venezuela in order to create a more sustainable agriculture system while making food readily available, while promoting the concept of food sovereignty. Growing Change touches on many issues such as the global food crisis in 2008, where Cunich (2011) blames the industrial post war agricultural system and food corporations stating that they have made record breaking profits in recent years and condemns their use of chemicals in agrucutre production. Cunich (2011) believes that this is where the food crisis started by aiming to exploit natural resources in to gain more produce out of the land available to them. examines the effect that the global food crisis has had on both the developing and developed world by discussing with experts and traveling to affected countries around the world. The film suggests that there is enough food produced globally to feed the world's population by due to large corporations distributions of these resources billions of people go without food each day. Cunich (2011) examines ways in which this process can and has been reversed with his case study of Venezuela politics and governments have changed there approach to food related issues. Venezuela is one of the biggest oil exporting countries in the world, and the Venezuelan government has recently tried to harness and redirect funds from oil exports into better living conditions for the people. They have made it easier for locals to grow and own their own farms and produce there own food cutting out large corporations from the food process making food more accessible and affordable for the poor. The concept of food souvernity, the idea that everyone has the right not only to...
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