Group Therapy Proposal: Helping Parolees Succeed

Topics: Parole, Sociology, Criminal law Pages: 4 (1946 words) Published: June 29, 2013
GROUP THERAPY PROPOSAL                                                                           1  
Group Therapy Proposal:
Helping Parolees Succeed
Pamela Gillman
Ivy Tech Community College

GROUP THERAPY PROPOSAL                                                                                                   2 Group Therapy Proposal: Helping Parolees Succeed
            When an individual is released from prison and placed on parole, the goal is to ensure that they are successfully reintegrated into society and reduce the likelihood that they will reoffend. However, without much preparation the parolee is taken from a structured environment and placed back into a society filled with temptations and possible complications. Upon release from prison, if an individual is not prepared to secure a job and be self-supporting their return to prison is very likely. Without a practical means of supporting oneself, a sense of worth cannot be restored and life is without dignity. Parolees may also face discrimination due to the stigma of being incarcerated. This discrimination could have an effect on their psychological well-being and impact their ability to reintegrate into society or have the self-worth needed to abide by the rules set forth by their parole. Many parolees are released into a parole system that provides few services and imposes conditions that almost guarantee their failure.             According to statistics compiled by the Administrative Office of the Courts in Washington D.C., of the 262,000 federal prisoners that were released from federal prison between the years 2002-2006, 50% of those who could not secure employment committed a new crime or violated the terms of their release and were sent back to prison. However, 93% of those who were able to secure employment were able to successfully reintegrate back into society and not return to prison (The United States Department of Justice). In a study...

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