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Group 3

By TieuthanhtungYah Apr 14, 2015 421 Words
Yin & Yang
“Nature is balanced, so should everything
else in the world.”

Trần Quang Tùng
Nguyễn Thị Thảo Nguyên
Trần Quý Đức
Trần Phương Thanh


There are more professional women than before


they are still under-represented in the senior level positions

Gender Discrimination at Workplace

The different in treatment
that occur when individually are purposive treated differently by the virtue of their group membership

Gender Gap Index of China

• Explaining Gender Discrimination laws
• Anti-discrimination Policies
• Training Programs

Explain Gender Discrimination Laws
• Employers should educate themselves and employees on
Chinese law about gender discrimination.
• Organize some classes to increase awareness of law of
employees and managers.
• Give out information to employees how to claim a gender
discrimination issue.

Anti Gender Discrimination Policy

• Having a policy that prohibits discrimination in the
• Distribute to all managers and employees of the company
• Employees should sign an acknowledgment that they
understand and will abide by this policy.
• Create a pay scale based on the contributions and
responsibilities, pay equally between men and women.

Training program
• Training should be conducted throughout the organization, starting with top management and down through the ranks.
• Cultural training seminars and workshops. With participation of professional trainers or expert consultant and members of the human resources department.
• Skill-building programs targeted specifically at talented female employees

Implication plan
1) Do a survey => evaluate the level of gender
discrimination in top positions in the
2) Propose an anti-gender discrimination human
resource policy
3) Publish this policy for all workers and have the
training program at the same time.
4) Survey again to get feedback and have
adjustment if necessary.

• Create training sessions about Gender Equality for employees who have got married.
• Use the power of media (printed news, online news, TV, ads, internet, radio…) to change people mindset about Gender
• Extend the retirement age of female employee.
• Increase enforcement of existing laws against gender-based employment discrimination.

• Increase mentorship and other efforts to boost the number of women in traditionally male occupations and in positions of
political leadership.
• Increase government funding of high-quality day-care options to enable parents, and especially mothers, to work outside
the home if they so desire, and to do so without fear that
their finances or their children’s well-being will be
• Reduce socialization by parents and other adults of girls and boys into traditional gender roles.

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